Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tutorial - How to make a backdrop for doll play scenes

Today I'm going to show you an easy way to make a simple backdrop for playing with your kids' dolls (or any toy, really!).  My girls are super spoiled lucky in that we have a huge (and generous!) family AND an American Girl Store down the street.  They are at the age where they are both focused on 1 or 2 things, and for the past few years, it seems to be Legos and dolls.  Of course, their favorite thing to play with their dolls is either school or tea party.  We found a huge school play set at Costco a few years ago (can't find it online anymore), but the girls have been asking for a tea party play set.

Here's how we made it:

First, we started with a tri-fold board (this one is Elmer's brand).  We used a few for our recent school science fair, and it's the perfect thing to reuse.

I removed the pictures, but left the other stuff's just going to get covered up ;-)

Next, I got out some cute and girly wrapping paper - this is from Target Dollar Spot.  It's super cute and you can't beat a dollar for a whole roll of wrapping paper! 

Cut a few pieces of paper that are a little longer than your board is tall.  Wrap the excess around the board and secure.  I just used scotch tape, but you will probably be smarter than me and use something fancy like glue.  Make sure to score your paper on the other side where the board folds.  It helps to have cute helpers, too ;-)

Keep adding more paper, and try to match the pattern if you can.  I used double stick tape to tack the ends down on each other on the front, but I doubt if my kids would have cared if I'd just used regular tape.

Voila!  Now get your dolls in their fancy dresses and set them up at the table for a tea party!

I think this would be fun for an ice cream parlour - I've seen cute ice cream wrapping paper out there as well!  Or you could do a spa-theme...whatever your girl wants!  If dolls don't live in your house, you could easily do some tree paper for a train track or something with animals for a pretend vet office.  The possibilities are endless!


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