Friday, April 12, 2013

Instafriday #4

Happy Friday, y'all!  I'm linking up again with Life Rearranged's Instafriday.

We had a good week being back at school after Spring Break.  The hubs was offon a business trip all week, so the girls and I enjoyed some girl time :)

Here's a peek at the week in pictures:

On Friday, I had a ME, lunch, and cocktails with a good friend.  She ordered a double Disarano and it was too pretty to not take a picture.

On Sunday, the girls and I had dinner and hair styling at the American Girl store.  My oldest girl has some pretty bad food allergies, and I just love how accomodating the bistro is.  Molly and Rebecca enjoyed a pre-dinner spa treatment too :)

Since the store is only a few minutes from us, we visit often and the staff has gotten to know us.  The bistro host looked at our file before seating us and figured out that my oldest's birthday is coming up so she sent over some dessert for us after dinner, which made this girl very happy!

This little girl was happy too - she got cupcakes AND pizza - her two favorite foods :)

I celebrated a long day with a glass of wine...this was a really yummy wine from one of our wine clubs.

On Tuesdays, I work in my youngest's kindergarten class, which is always fun, aside from sitting in those tiny chairs!

My girls LOVE sushi, and when my husband is out of town, we alway hit up the local sushi conveyor restaurant.  They charge by the plate, and my girls can now eat me out of house and home!  This kid LOVEs California rolls and salmon.

The damage done by both girls.  I had 3 plates not pictured in this stack.  Little piggies :)

This kid was still hungry!  I convinced her that going home for a bowl of cereal would be easier on my wallet ;-)

My youngest is now reading, so she read her big sister a bedtime story and was so proud of herself!  (In the interest of keeping it real, this picture was the last time she was happy all night - she had a massive tantrum as soon as I put the camera down and kept me up all.night.long.)

I wore my favorite old shoes and liked how they looked in the grass at the bus stop. Nothin' special!

My littlest saw me taking pictures when she got off of the school bus, so she asked to take my picture.  Yep, it was raining and grey...made for a cool effect, I think!

I headed to bed one night and when I checked on the girls, I found that one of them wasn't in her room...I checked my bed first, but found that she had snuck in bed with her sister.  The snuggled together all night.  Awww!

Well, that's my week in pictures!  You can follow along on Instragram here or check out Life Rearranged for some other bloggers' link ups.

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