Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 Things Tuesday

1.  The smell of sweet potatoes roasting in the oven is heavenly.  This is for dinner and I can't wait.  This is on the menu for tomorrow...I'm already hungry!

2.  I may be just a teeny tiny bit excited about Memorial Day for the simple reason that I can be okay with the fact that eating 2 hot dogs in one sitting on Memorial Day is the right thing to do.  It's the American thing to do.

3.  I just listed this little dress and bloomer set in the shop and it may or may not have given me a slight case of baby fever.  Imagine a big ole' belly and chunky thighs and a big diaper bum covered in ruffles.  Sadly, I don't have kid fever so...I'll stick with my dream of getting a puppy ;-)

4.  Only 15 days of school left for us!  The girls and I make a summer bucket list every year and we've already put beach trips, ice cream making, and library visits near the top.  What do you do with your family during the summer?

5.  I'm a little excited about the running belt I just ordered.  I still don't love running, but uh...it's a necessary evil.  See #2.

6.  Do you watch Nashville?  I puffy heart that show!  I've had a girl crush on Connie Britton since The West Wing...mostly on her hair.  Gah.  It's sooooo pretty!  I'm super excited for the season finale, but sad that I have to take a break all summer.  Noooooo!

7.  We are heading out on our first camping trip of the year this weekend.  I can't wait for banana boats, s'mores, geo caching, and hopefully a nap!

8.  I just ordered some anchor fabric and can't wait to whip up some nautical pillow case dresses for the shop! 

9.  Skirt week is coming!  I can't wait.  I love skirts in the summer.  May have to bogart some of that anchor fabric...

10.  Do you watch True Blood?  Have you read the books?  I liked the first few, then kept reading to see if they would get better.  The last one just came out and...I just can't bring myself to buy it!  Maybe when it goes on sale for Kindle.  I just don't have high hopes.  I need a few good summer reading suggestions.  Leave me some in the comments, please!

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