Friday, June 28, 2013

Instafriday # 13

Happy Friday, all!  I'm linking up with Jeanette again for Instafriday - woohoo!

The grandparents from both sides came for a visit.  My mom and I have a deep love for afternoon tea, and the girls have started to develop the same love!  So we try to all go together when she comes to town :)
This was the yummiest margarita I've ever had - jalapeno mango.  It was SO good and spicy!

If you come to Seattle this summer, be sure to hit up the Chihuly exhibit at Seattle Center - it's amazing!  This is a tiny part of a ceiling installation and it's just breathtaking!

The weather was amazing...couldn't resist a picture with my favorite guy.  He's the best!

I love this shot I got of part of the glass exhibit and the Space Needle with the sun flare...I felt all artsy :)

My youngest has been taking tap all year, and this past weekend was her recital - of course, Daddy brought her roses after :)

Have you ever gotten a gel mani or pedi?  If know what a pain it is to take off! 

My birthday was on Thursday...I'm feeling old, so starting the day with a mimosa.  They make everything better!  Is it just me, or is my Instagram feed mostly full of food and drinks lately?

My girls have been taking swim lessons all week, in the rain.  I had to break out the Uggs, I was so cold!

My birthday cupcake.  YUM!

These girls are becoming quite the little fishies :)

We ate dinner on my birthday at Delcancey, run by the fabulous Molly Wizenberg and her husband, Brandon.  If you're local, please hit this place up - it's always yummy and the service is great! 

Today is supposed to be nice and sunny, so we're headed to the pool!  While I'm there, I'll check out the other bloggers linking up at Life should too!

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  1. Technically your birthday was on Wednesday.

  2. I'm a lover of tea time too! How can you not feel all proper and fancy pouring out from a kettle and eating tiny sandwiches?! Great shot of the Space needle, I agree, pretty artsy! Found you through the InstaFriday link up :)
    Whitney @