Friday, June 21, 2013

Instafriday #12

It's time to link up with Life Rearranged for Instafriday again!

Last Friday, I was able to attend the Blogger's Sumer Camp at Schoolhouse Craft.  It was a fabulous experience!  I've got a write up of it coming next week, so stay tuned.  I really learned a lot and got to meet some amazing bloggers!

The decorations at Summer Camp were adorable, especially these little camp fire centerpieces at each table.  There's an LED candle in the middle.  I think these would be so fun for a summer BBQ!

We hit Ben & Jerry's over the weekend and I had a scoop of Midnight snack.  Vanilla ice cream, salted caramel swirl, chocolate covered potato chip clusters...yum.

The weather in Seattle has been amazing, so we hit up a beach on Lake Washington and the girls had fun trying not to get wet ;-)

I love living here!

For Father's Day, the girls wanted to eat breakfast in bed with their daddy.  Love these people!

My husband is the breakfast chef in our house, but I did make him this yummy tomato bacon hash...he asks for it every year so he must like it!

This bloody mary was one of the best I've ever had.  If you live in the area, hit up The Wing Dome and order the 6 alarm.'s spicy!

This little ham has a tap recital this coming weekend, and this was taken before her dress rehearsal.  She's a pretty fun kid :)

We made this AWESOME pizza this week.  Go make some now!

My husband's birthday was this week...he requested steak, of course.  I got some really good dry aged steaks for he and I, and some less fancy steaks for the girls...naturally, they liked ours better.

I was a bit cranky yesterday, but that all changed when my love brought me home some just because roses.  They are still opening but they smell amazing!

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  1. Yum!! Looks like your hubs got tons of awesome food with fathers day AND his birthday! It all looks so yummy!