Friday, June 14, 2013

Instafriday #11

It's Friday again (yay!), which means I'll be linking up again with Life Rearranged.

I had one of these for's our little secret ;-)

Even after a week, peonies are so pretty!  (I used PicFx for the bokeh)

We love sushi in our family, and we are lucky to have some inexpensive places nearby - here's the stack of plates about halfway through our meal.  The taller one is my oldest's, the shorter one is mine.

I'm always asked how I got my kids to become such adventurous eaters - the answer is that we are adventurous!  And we feed our kids the same stuff we eat.  It works, I swear.  Here's my little one eating mussels like they are going out of style.

This girl has become quite the expensive sushi date!  Look at that stack!

I'm leader to our Girl Scout troop, which is lots of fun.  We had our year end award ceremony and the girls received all of the badges they'd earned, which is always fun!

I used my walking foot for the first time and I'm in love!  So easy to sew lots of layers and ruffles!

This girl and I have enjoyed lots of lunch dates while she was in part time school.  This fall, she'll be in first grade and in school all day.  Waaaah!  Soaking up a few lunch dates while we can :)

Here she is on her last day of kindergarten!  I used the A Beautiful Mess app for the words and doodle.

And here's my big girl, already a third grader!  I blinked and she is turning into quite a young lady.

These girls are ready for summer!  We've got some fun things planned, so stay tuned!

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