Thursday, April 9, 2009

what did you get in your Easter basket??

Because we got a nice dose of anaphylactic shock.

Ava had an egg hunt at school this morning. I stuff her eggs with benign jelly beans. I had a conversation with her about how foil wrapped candy has nuts in it and that she can't eat her candy until her teacher looked through it first. Her teacher had the same conversation with the class. Then she turned around to see Ava polishing off a peanut butter cup.

Luckily her teacher called me right away so I was able to get her to the ER within 20 minutes of her eating the peanut butter cup. Her reaction got worse before it got better.

**For the record, the length of this needle is about 3/4 of an inch. We both cried.***

I haven't decided how to deal with her school yet...her classroom is supposed to be nut free. Obviously, parents without nut allergic kids are going to stuff their kid's eggs with whatever they want. It would have been nice (and responsible!) for the school to check the eggs first, or for them to send out a note to parents letting them know that the treats should be nut free. Joel and I are a little miffed - we were promised a nut free classroom. Obviously, this is not the case. Do I yank her from school? Do I just ask them to pay for the hospital bills?

And then there's Ava...she's so sensitive and high strung. She's already said that she hates being different (even though quite a few of her friends have serious food allergies), but now she is saying that she is afraid of Easter eggs. Poor kid.

Normally, I'd have a few Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and maybe a glass of wine on a day like today...but it just doesn't seem right.


  1. Hello, I am a member of MAH and found this blog. I too have a penaut allergic child.
    May I post a link to this post on my fb page? I do not want to post if you are not comfortable but I like getting information like this out there- we jsut had an incident with a nut allergic child getting nut filled candy at her school as well.

    I hope your daughter if feeling better soon (And you too).

  2. A MAH member? Which one? If I know you, then yes, you can link this to Facebook. But please tell me who you are first.

  3. I can't believe the irresponsibility of the school. Poor Ava! I hope she's doing better this evening. I would have them pay for medical bills, and resend any information they have sent out about a "nut free" classroom. Its important that they let the parents know again!! I'm glad the teacher was reactive, hopefully next time she's proactive!

  4. Sorry- I should have signed above (and spell checked). I am sheilakp- I post very randomly. I will put a post on MAH as well to say hello and so you know who I am.

    I completely understand if you do not want me to post a link.

    PS- I found your rainbow cake recipe and made it and it was so much fun! THank you!