Wednesday, April 1, 2009

100 Things

Here's what I want to accomplish in the next 68 years:

1.) Have a non-station wagon or minivan as my daily driver
2.) Have two ovens
3.) Take a photography class
4.) Have Joel teach me to make a barista quality latte
5.) Make a quilt for my bed
6.) Enjoy the little things
7.) Visit Europe with Joel
8.) Stay in one of those huts on the water in Tahiti
9.) Renew my wedding vows
10.) Live near the East Coast
11.) Cook for a month from Mastering The Art of French Cooking
12.) Take a cake decorating class
13.) Attend a weekend long crop
14.) Go away for a weekend alone
15.) Go on an Alaskan cruise
16.) Take the family to Disney World (preferably more than once!)
17.) Find someone to converse with en Francais
18.) Complete the training to become a doula
19.) Eat Sushi in Japan
20.) Bake crackers from scratch
21.) Buy a new easel so I can paint again
22.) See my children get married
23.) Drive a swanky British sports car
24.) Own a convertible
25.) Become a morning person
26.) Read a book a week for a year
27.) Have a vegetable garden
28.) Build a birdhouse
29.) Go on an African safari
30.) Pet a lion
31.) Win money in Vegas to spend on lots of jewelry
32.) Own a big diamond
33.) Visit all 50 States
34.) Dance with Joel and our 50th wedding anniversary
35.) Have a house with all wood floors
36.) Get caught up on scrapbooking
37.) Inspire someone
38.) Open a nut free bakery
39.) Visit Key West
40.) Stay in a castle in Britain
41.) Invest in 1000 thread count sheets
42.) Own an apron for every day of the week
43.) Take a bubble bath alone
44.) Get Lasik
45.) Hold hands with Joel under the Eiffel Tower
46.) Sleep 8 hours in a row
47.) Have a weekend at a spa with my girlfriends
48.) See the Great Wall in China
49.) Own a vacation home somewhere
50.) Attend a party thrown by Martha Stewart
51.) Have peanut butter in the house again
52.) Take my kids to college
53.) Take a vacation with my mommy
54.) Pick a shelf at the library and read all of the books on it
55.) Visit the Northwest Territories and see the Northern Lights
56.) Ride in a dogsled
57.) Have an outdoor kitchen
58.) Have a pool
59.) Bowl over 100
60.) Drive across the country and stop at all of the diners I pass
61.) Cook a real paella
62.) Watch the Superbowl in person
63.) Ice stake in Rockafeller Center
64.) Go rafting down the Colorado river
65.) Figure out how to get Joel to stop biting his nails
66.) Have a successful cooking blog
67.) Learn to not sweat the small stuff
68.) Have a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity with the girls after a day of shopping
69.) Take the girls to see Stars on Ice
70.) Jump out of a plane
71.) Get up early enough to bake brioche for breakfast
72.) Go to Morocco
73.) Stay in a yurt
74.) Own some chickens
75.) Eat at one of Mario Batali's restaurants
76.) Sit on the front porch and drink soup out of a mug with Joel
77.) Own a Mastiff
78.) Go to an black tie event
79.) Knit an entire sweater
80.) Be in the audience for Iron Chef America
81.) Learn how to operate Joel's computer contraption for the living room
82.) Hold my grandchildren
83.) Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
84.) Reupholster a chair
85.) See the Pyramids
86.) Visit Monet's gardens
87.) Watch the stars arrive for the Oscars in person
88.) Go to Hawaii
89.) Swim with dolphins
90.) Vacation on a yacht
91.) Celebrate my birthday in another country
92.) Visit Vermont in the fall
93.) Drink some real absinthe
94.) Not feel bad about saying no
95.) Frame some of the art that my girls produce
96.) Fish with the girls and Joel
97.) Eat nothing but croissants and chocolate for a whole day
98.) See Bruce Springsteen in concert
99.) Own a pair of Louboutins
100.) Enjoy every day with my family

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  1. I just found your blog and I love your list. I have one too, "100 Dreams." It's amazing how once you write them down you begin to check them off. Learn to sew was one of mine :) Anyway, I'll be back!