Thursday, April 9, 2009

an update

Thanks to all for the emails and calls :)

Ava is at home now, breathing (WOOHOO!). Her reaction got really bad about an hour after we arrived at the hospital - when the peanuts started to be digested. She was given a total of 5 doses of epinephrine (including the one I gave her) and lots of steroids. There was talk of transferring her to the local children's hospital because for a while, she was not responding to the medication. Luckily, they came up with a magic formula and it worked.

After coming home, we gave her more steroids and she has been bouncing off the walls. She's still puffy and rashy, but much better than she was earlier. I've managed to talk her into thinking that not all Easter eggs are bad - just the ones with foil wrapped candies. Amazing what a few jelly beans can do to change a 4 year old's opinion.

My dear friend Nicole, whose daughter also has a severe peanut allergy, reminded me that it's probably a good thing that Ava will remember this event. I hope that she remembers just how sick she got so that she can stay away from the bad treats. It's a lot of responsibility to put on a kid, but I know that Ava can do it.

Until then, I'm happy to go get in bed with my soon to be birthday girl and listen to her breathe.


  1. Bless you all! I am so glad that she is home now and doing so well!

  2. I am glad she is doing well!
    Have you been to I think they have an educational packet you can take into the schools (and send home to parents).
    My peanut girl starts school this year and we are already working with the school to keep it safe. It really annoys me when the schools are trying but then something like this happens.

    Thanks for sharing- have a great Easter,

  3. Sorry- the website is