Tuesday, April 20, 2010

things to ponder...

...such as, why is it that when I've wrapped something up and put it away, the two year old always asks, "me have dat? NOW."

...such as, can beta fish get depressed? I've heard of them being suicidal and jumping clean out of their bowls, but ours is acting depressed. He actually swims into a shell and just kind of sits (floats?) there for hours on end.

...such as, why are artichokes so freaking good? Especially when grilled. Yum.

...such as, do you ever feel like you really know someone and then one day you look at them and you ask yourself, "why do I associate myself with you?!"

...such as, is it wrong to be somewhat excited that your husband is off on (yet another) business trip so you get the whole bed to yourself for a few sleeps?

...such as, should I be on beta fish suicide prevention watch?

...such as, is there a perfect banana bread recipe out there? I'm beginning to think not...

...such as, when you're about to be too tall for your car seat but at least 8 pounds away from a booster, why your parents won't just spring for a high backed convertible model. Instead, they just try to fatten you up with lots and lots of avocado, bananas, and whole milk. Hey, 5 year olds ponder things too.

The answers, my friends are c, to get to the other side, and cupcakes. When all fails, bake some!

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