Monday, March 2, 2009

Meal Plan Monday

This week's plan really isn't that exciting, since we're not eating at home 3 nights this week (which is extremely rare for us!). If those plans fall through, I've got the staples for lentil soup...sounds good right now while the rain is falling, doesn't it?

Monday: Chicken Feta Orzo with Tomatoes and Artichokes, roasted cauliflower on the side

Tuesday: out

Wednesday: Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, salad, pineapple

Thursday: Unstuffed Cabbage, fresh bread, fruit salad

Friday: Shabbat dinner at Nana's house

Saturday: Baked Chicken Terriyaki, brown rice, Chinese Broccoli

Sunday: out

Extras: sandwich bread, baguette, strawberry pie, granola bars

What's on your meal plan for this week?

1 comment:

  1. wanna pass on that black bean sweet potato enchilada recipe? sounds delish!!