Sunday, March 1, 2009

a lovely weekend and something new

Despite the drizzle, we managed to have quite a nice weekend.

We (well, I) kicked things off on Friday, when most of our hospital playgroup met at my friend Kristi's house for a pot luck breakfast for dinner (my favorite!). We brought a fruit salad and had a great time playing with new toys and good friends. Kristi has done some really creative repurposing and recycling of things to make new toys (a box into a grocery check stand was my personal favorite!).

After our playgroup ended, we came home and welcomed my bunco group. Joel even decided that he would join us - after all, bunco is just a game with a drinking problem. We had a blast and the girls slept right on through it. I've been hesitant to host wine night/book club/bunco because of how our house is layed out - the girls' room is right down the hall from the living room. But it worked out really well, and I am looking forward to hosting many more get togethers with my fabulous girlfriends!

Saturday morning was spent getting haircuts and running other errands. That afternoon, Joel and I got to drop the girls off at a babysitting co-op drop off and have a date night. We went to happy hour at McCormick & Shmick, browsed the book store and Anthropologie (can I just move in??), and had the girls in bed early, so that we could be in bed early too.

Today we ran a few others errands, did some organizing and moving of things and furniture, and then I got the afternoon to browse at some fabric and craft stores (where I splurged and bought a Cricut while it was waaaaay on sale! Woohoo!). This evening has been spent catching up on some sewing projects and also starting on a few spring skirts for the girls...I'm willing the weather to get sunnier! There might be some trashy TiVo'd TV on as well...I can't stay away from the tour bus or the drag race!

Finally, a few of you have asked me to post my weekly menu - so starting tomorrow (when I meal plan), I will! I hope it inspires you!

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