Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And what did you do today?

Because I did the following:

built a fort
played trains
played ponies
took Big Sister to school
took Little Sister to the grocery store (regular AND Asian)
attended a MOMS Club get together (morning coffee time...woohoo!)
picked Big Sister up from school
fed both girls lunch (forgot about myself...oops)
got Little Sister to nap only by having her little body draped around my neck like a scarf
moved two loads of laundry through, including putting them away
made chocolate pudding cake
planned surprise birthday get together for one girlfriend with other girlfriend
finger painted
colored pictures of Elmo. And stayed in the lines!
broke up several fights
took about 70 pictures of various things...the daffodils, the girls, the grass...
played with my new Cricut and scrapped 3 pages
did a little online shopping for my hubby
read two chapters in my book club book
counted to 25 about 25 times, twice in French and three times in Spanish, with Big Sister
attended a rock concert where Big Sister was the star...she wanted to practice her rock moves
bathed both girls, got them in their jammies in preparation for a late dinner out

It's currently 4:19.


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  3. How do you do it?? I am very impressed by your stamina girl! I wish I could get as much done in a single day (explains why my house is always teetering on the edge of disaster!).