Friday, February 20, 2009


I've officially become the mom who makes every holiday into a party. I really tried not to be this mom, but it's just too much fun! I'm embarrassed to admit...I like themes. I like crafts. I like cooking and baking. Getting to do crafts and cooking with a theme...PARTY!

Mardi Gras is this coming Tuesday, and I honestly have never given it much thought outside of a few years of *ahem* fun going to various bars and once, Vegas, in my wild youth. My, how times have changed.

I found this template for some cute masks, so this afternoon the girls and I decorated our masks. I found a recipe for King Cake that I might attempt to make on Tuesday (although I might cheat and make monkey bread instead), and we're going to have some dirty rice or jambalaya for dinner. Yum! I say that any holiday that is just an excuse for cocktails, Cajun or Creole food, and masks is welcome any time!

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