Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling the LOVE

OK, I know, Valentine's Day is the brainchild of Hallmark, See's, and capitalism. Still, my domestic self is happy to have any excuse to bake and be crafty. And in case you are needing last minute ideas for sharing the love with school friends or family, here are a few cute ideas:

I downloaded these cherubs and let Ava paste them on some red crepe paper hearts for Valentines for our MOMS Club party (we're taking Valentine's crafts to a retirement community).

I'm planning on taking these whoopie pies to my girlfriend's house for cocktails on Friday night. Because cheap wine totally goes with red velvet cake. Mmmmmm...

I know I'd appreciate someone (ahem, *cough* JOEL *cough*) bringing me my morning tea all loved up using this great idea.

I've almost got enough sweaters gathered for one of these scarves. Personally, I think this is adorable any time of year!

These are pretty similar to the Valentines that Ava made for her playgroup party today. SO easy and fast.

I think we're crafted out for Valentine's Day, but I will definitely be trying this for St Patty's Day...this would make a cute teacher gift!

Anyone else have any cute ideas to share?

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