Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy trails to you...

Well, it's either that song or Movin' Right Along from the Muppet Movie.

As I get together the last of the ginormous pile of stuff that a family of four needs to take on a 9 day road trip, I'm struck with several thoughts:

1) Bringing most of our own food means that there will be little time for me to live the dream of sampling the finest DDDs (that's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) on the 5. How does the child of a chef even think such thoughts? No idea, but I'll have a LOT of time to contemplate over the next few days...At least we'll have lots of In N Outs!

2) Kids need a LOT of stuff. Seriously, the girls have a suitcase and a duffle. Not to mention the strollers, booster seats, food, cups, toys, books, blah blah blah...The minivan is looking pretty mini right about now.

3) Wouldn't you know that right as we are about to leave the fair state of Oregon, the sun starts shining? It better still be here when we get back!

4) I'm embarassed to admit how excited I am about the prospect of buying REAL Sudafed and also jumbo bottles of booze at Costco. When a stroll down the aisles of the Liquor Barn in Redding gets you excited, perhaps it's time to reflect...

Here's a look at what I've got packed so far (notice, no pack & play, strollers, high chairs, cooler, etc):

The last night of our trip will be spend at a brand new hotel in Anderson, Ca. The hotel is billing itself as an eco-friendly spa retreat at the foot of the mountains. Even for a weekend stay, a room there was less than a room at a typical roadside motel, so I decided to take the chance. They offer a fly-fishing package, so if we like it, I might need to book myself a much needed mommy getaway for some fishing and R&R. Any hotel that offers free yoga sounds like the type of place I'd like to spend time. A little zen also sounds like the perfect way to end our trek through California.

Hopefully I'll be updating while away, but if not, I assure you that I will have a monster entry when I return and get through Mt Washmore.

And on a completely unrelated topic, congratulations to Nick and Sarah Barsotti - looks like it's a boy!

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