Monday, June 9, 2008

A brief bit of sun...

We had a little bit of sun this weekend, so we decided to head to Oaks Park, which is a small amusement park in southeast Portland. Ava and I went every week last summer, and she has been asking to go back quite a bit. This weekend they had their 103rd anniversary and a local TV station sponsored $0.32 ride tickets. We bought $6 worth and had a great time! Emily enjoyed the carousel and the Lewis and Clark ride...her little eyes were wide open the whole time. Ava is a bit less of a daredevil than she was a year ago...she only wanted to ride the kiddie roller coaster once and held onto Daddy's for dear life on the tumbling tug boat.
She loved the carousel and the motorcycles though, and of course enjoyed the pink cotton candy that we brought home as a post dinner treat.

Joel and Ava preparing to go down the big slide:

At the bottom:

Emily and I on the carousel:

Ava riding on the carousel:

Ava on the motorcycle ride:

Emily being cute:

Ava riding the rocket ships:

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