Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rainy days and ballet

With all of the rain this week, we've been spending more time inside than we'd like to. Emily is still sleeping quite a bit while she recovers from her cold and ear infection, and she's also working on 2 teeth (they are popping out, then back in...out, in, out in...). Ava and I have been taking advantage of all of the short naps and have been doing some art projects and being silly in general.

I posted last week about how Ava loves pretend play, and her current favorite thing to do is to sit on the floor with a ribbon across her lap while I sit in front of her and pretend to drive a carriage to a ball. While we're riding in the carriage, we sing "The Wheels on The Carriage," and when we get to the "ball," I put on some music and we dance around for as long as we can. These days, Ava is very interested in ballet, so I've been trying to teach her some basics. It sort of works...she's got as much coordination as an almost 3 year old can have, but sadly, I think she's got Daddy's rhythm. When we need a break from dancing, we have a tea party (of course!). Her other favorite game is to get out her shopping cart and go grocery shopping. She has a pretend list, and then I ring her up with her cash register. Of course, she does this dressed up in full princess attire.

Meanwhile, Emily is just busy getting her cruising skills down. She recently figured out how to get out of a pulled up position...she basically just does the splits! I guess that Ava is not the only one who will follow in Mama's footsteps.

Today we started our ballet classes at the local community center. It's quite possibly the cutest thing that I've ever seen...10 little girls all twirling around. A nice surprise was that one of Ava's second cousins is also in the class, and I have always liked her mommy, so we have set up a few play dates for the girls. Sadly, I left my camera at home, but promise to take lots of pictures and video at next week's class to make up for it!

Until then, here are a few highlights from the past few days:

Ava working on the rainbow we made out of scrapbook paper scraps:

The finished rainbow:

Emily playing with her Leap Frog Table:

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