Monday, April 14, 2008

Ava is THREE!

After a not-so-relaxing weekend (yard work and closet clean out as we get the house in order to sell), we attended 3 birthday parties - a joint party for two of Ava's playgroup friends, and two parties for Ava. On Sunday, we went to the Oregon Gymnastics Academy for a party for Rory and Rachel, which was a lot of fun. They had a pit filled with foam blocks with a high parallel bar over it, and Ava had a BLAST swinging from the bar and then dropping to the pit. I actually had to talk her into leaving when it was time for cake!

That afternoon, some family came over to share cake and watch our birthday girl open her presents. Since Ava is so fortuntate, we asked for books, and she received a lot of great ones!

A few weeks ago I asked Ava what kind of party she wanted and she said she wanted a "pink pwincess party," so that's what she got! We had eight friends over to make tiaras, sing "Happy Birthday," play Pin the Crown on the Princess, and eat some yummy cupcakes (pink, with pink frosting and lots of sprinkles). This evening, we went out to sushi (per the birthday girl's request!).

Ava had so much fun - thank you to everyone who helped make her birthday so special!

Ava devouring her cake on Sunday:

Oh My Goodness! I got a princess book! (thanks, Auntie Cynde!)

All decked out in her Cinderella finest for her princess party:

Everyone decorating their tiaras:

Eating their royal lunch:

Singing "Happy Birthday" this morning:

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