Friday, April 4, 2008

Back to normal - which means busy!

After a few days on antibiotics, Emily is finally back to normal. Her cold is gone, and her ear infection has cleared enough to allow her discomfort to lessen - she's actually smiling and cooing again! We'll keep her on the antibiotics until they're gone, but it's so nice to have our happy baby back!

Yesterday we went to our Family Gym class at Gymboree, which both girls love. Ava likes the part of class where the teacher takes out a huge parachute and we sing sonds and blow bubbles the best. Emily likes watching all of the big kids run around like crazy and playing with all of the balls. It's nice to be able to do something that focuses on both girls in the same room. We've got a play date with one of the other families from our class next week (also girls, same ages as Ava and Emily), so that should be fun. Ava and her friend are always hugging during class - it's adorable!

This morning we went to our regular Friday playgroup. Ava always has a great time with this group and Emily finally has some baby friends to play with. As usual, Ava ran straight to the dress up clothes and decked herself out as Cinderella. She is obsessed with dress up! It doesn't help that everyone we know feeds the obsession by adding more and more dresses to her collection. I think we've got 8 at last count...more than enough for 1 little girl! The other moms and I had a discussion about gender roles and children recently - do girls naturally flock to dress up clothes or does society force them? I think it's a little of both. When you give birth to a girl, she automatically becomes "pretty." Ava is so drawn to dress up clothes, I can't help but wonder if she is already succumbing to society's enormous push that women MUST be beautiful to be adored. She does like to pretend play more than anything - so she'll dress up as a princess and have me drive her to the ball (we sit on the floor and pretend I'm driving a carriage and we sing "The Wheels on the Carriage" and then dance to some music at a "ball") or she wants a tea party with her dolls. I wonder sometimes if Emily will be as into dress up as Ava is...or if she will be interested in something else entirely!

Here are a few pictures from today and yesterday:

Ava and some friends this morning:

Emily back to normal:
Ava going down the slide at Gymboree:

Emily "making music" at Gymboree:

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