Friday, September 13, 2013

Tried and Tested: Paperback Write Cardigan by Shwin & Shwin Designs

So, there comes a time in a third grader's life where she realizes...she's just not that into some of the "little girl" things that she used to be.  She's moving on to bigger and better stuff...more mature stuff.  Particularly in the fashion department.  Yep, folks, we've moved into the tween years.  *sniff*

So, when the awesome Shauna of Shwin & Shwin asked me to test this cute little Paperback Writer Cardigan, I knew which size to choose - the one of my mature tween. 

The styling on this cardigan is slouchy and relaxed, and according to my daughter, "Super crazy comfy!"  Which I guess means she loves it. 

The shawl collar and optional pocket give it really cute style.  I've got one cut out for my 6 year old with a contrasting collar and trim, which I think will be really fun!

As you can see, the Paperback Writer looks great with leggings (yep, another pattern review, which will be out soon!), but I think it would also look great with some skinny jeans and boots.
 I made this version with a really soft sweater knit from Joann.  I thought the silver dots on the black background were great for a younger kid, but also mature enough for someone older and more worldly.  Ahem.
The best news: Shauna is working on an ADULT version of this pattern!  Hurrah!  Really, the size 8 just about fit me, aside from needing to lengthen the arms a tad.  But for those of you who are not vertically challenged like myself, just be patient and wait a few weeks for the grown up version ;-). 
I'm going to offer these in the shop as well - so if you'd like your own, please let me know!
The Details:
Size Tested: 8
Fabric Used: black with silver polka dots from Joann's fall fashion line.  This fabric has a great drape and was the perfect choice.
Verdict: The slouchy style is adorable on younger kids, but perfect for older kids!  This pattern came together really quickly - the instructions are great and very detailed.

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