Thursday, March 25, 2010

random thursday ramblings...back by popular demand!

this one is for C, T, and L...enjoy!

In the completely random department, Selena Gomez and Ke$ha will be on tour with this summer's Lilith Fair. Seriously? Sarah McLaughlin, my opinion of you just dropped a little. But not enough to skip! Can't wait for July 2!

If you love Liberty of London like I do, run on over to Le Target because they've got a great new line there! Everything from clothes to bedding to stationary to dishes. Welcome, Spring!

I can wait for the creativity that comes from Made by Rae's Spring Top Week!

Sometimes, Bakerella's need to put everything on a stick seems a bit crazy. But these are really, really cute.

LOVE this idea. Definitely going to have to make two to hang in my bedroom soon.

Pizza for breakfast?!?! Say no more! This is going on the menu next week for sure.

This is an awesome re-do. I have the perfect spot for something like that, too!

Holy craftiness. I bow down to LollyChops. I really do. Her Wallflowers Week is simply amazing.

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