Wednesday, March 31, 2010

girls only week

Joel left last Wednesday on a week long business trip (to sunny Orlando...I'm only slightly jealous!), and the girls and I had a fun week of all things girly. We painted our toes quite a few times, we had slumber parties (I might have escaped to one of their beds since mine got so full), we played with friends, baked, and did lots and lots of art.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that Pinkalicious is a favorite around here. So naturally, when it rained all day Friday, Ava said "let's make cupcakes!" And Emily said "Pink! Pink! Pink!"

(notice the insane amount of sprinkles...gotta love cupcake decorating with a two year old!)

Sunday night we had a pizza/movie night. The girls made the crust all by themselves! All I did was unscrew the lid on the jar of yeast. They dumped, poured, stirred, punched down, and rolled it out all by themselves.

We had lots of tea parties with our animal friends. On this particular morning, we pulled out the tinker toys and built a table and chairs for Share Bear and Casey the Pony:

Some of our artwork. We painted, glued, cut, and colored so many flowers to decorate the house!

I got some air dry clay at the craft store and we made some decorations out of them. Ava decided to make this on the first night of Passover to decorate the table (we celebrated just the three of us with a stir fry...all kosher!).

Finally, since I had the sewing machine set up pretty much the whole week, we did a LOT of sewing and crafting with my scraps. I recently got a set of lacing cards for Emily, but of course, Ava decided that she wanted to lace them up, too.

One of the things I made was a new spring apron. I love a nice long apron and this one was so very easy. I am in love with the fabric can get it here. I've got enough left over for some cute things for the girls...will try to remember to post those when I finish!

Here's some of Ava's sewing:

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