Tuesday, November 24, 2009

when the husband is away...

Good thing: I can watch whatever trashy television shows I want. Sans peanut gallery comments.

Bad thing: Monday Night Football is just not the same when we have to talk about it on the phone.

Good thing: The girls sleep with me all night. I love hearing them breathe and I absolutely adore listening to Ava talk in her sleep.

Bad thing: They're both getting through colds and Emily snores like a Mack truck. She also insists on having one hand on me at all times. Nothing like being felt up by your two year old.

Good thing: The girls sleep later when Joel is gone. 'Nuff said.

Good thing: We can eat cereal or burritos for every meal!

Bad thing: We've eaten cereal or burritos for every meal. Ugh.

God thing: The girls behave like perfect angels on the first day, every time.

Bad thing: Not so much on day two.

Good thing: Joel is only gone for two days and two nights.

Good thing: He comes home in t-minus 8 hours.

Not that I'm counting...

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