Sunday, November 8, 2009

the to do list

i love lists. i am guilty of making lists of my lists. this week starts the beginning of the craziest time of year (ahem, the most wonderful time of here is now over - baseball and football seasons collide no longer. waaaaaah.)

today i found myself with too much free time, so i made a list of my various to do lists. yep, it's official...the end is near.

- the thanksgiving to do list (we're hosting 8 other people, plus whomever is dropping by to watch football during the day)
- the baby shower to do list (this weekend)
- the channumas gift list (we're shooting for handmade holidays around here, so i'm starting early!)
- the holiday baking list
- the monday to do list (because there's always a lot to do on mondays!)
- the homeschool plan for the week

and now i need a nap.

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