Sunday, August 23, 2009

back on the school train

Tomorrow, we begin our homeschooling adventure! Ava has been asking to start school every day this month, so I thought we'd start early. Tomorrow, we'll start a week long review of what she learned last year so that we can ease into a school routine. I've got my learning board set up, school supplies all stocked, and my lessons planned for the week.

I'm going to combine two sets of curriculum that I found online, plus we'll be taking some classes at the local community center for homeschoolers. Starting in September, we're going be part of a weekly homeschool co-op, and I have also formed an art group with a few other families that will meet twice a month. WHEW! I'm pretty sure that all of this will provide a ton of opportunities to learn (which, let's face it, kids just do on their own just fine!).

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