Thursday, July 30, 2009

musings for thursday

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I haven't updated in a while.

We've been busy trying to stay cool while Portland temperatures have gone over 105 during the day. Hello weather...there's a reason why I live here and not in Louisiana. Still, it seems that we are through the worst for now, and thankfully, we have lots of friends with AC who have been kind enough to let us come hang out for the day.

Joel starts his new work from home gig next week. I'm both excited about this, and not. Excited because it's a dream job for him (doing something geeky for a company that makes things for super geeky people), and he will be home all the time - leaving more time for family time. Not excited because the domestic goddess facade that I have will be no longer - eek, he's probably going to catch me putting my feet up, magazine in one hand, tea in the other while the girls are napping and quiet timing! My guess is that he won't pass judgment the first time, but by the fourth, I might get the "look." Hey, there's a reason I stay at home, man! It does have its benefits ;o)

I've also been deep in the depths of planning our homeschool curriculum for the year. I've found a great curriculum to follow and have some fun ideas to add to it. We're going to meet with a co-op once a week, and do our own thing every day. Can't wait!! I know that pretty much everyone (well, everyone who doesn't homeschool) thinks that I am nuts - why would I not send Ava to pre-k??'s insanely expensive. It's stuff we do at home anyway (even without a set curriculum). And it's not like she doesn't get social interaction between MOMS Club, playgroups, and classes at the local community center. Besides...if one or both of us hates it, there's always pre-k to fall back on, right? I'm flexible.

And so, I will leave you with this list of currentlys:

Currently I am:

reading:: Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret (for book club...should be a fun discussion as a mom of girls)

listening to:: an acoustic cover of GNR's Patience by Ben Taylor

looking at:: artwork by Emily...scribbles, scraps of paper, and glitter glue

longing to:: bake something! anything!

excited for:: my crop tomorrow night. it's been MONTHS since last I scrapped anything! I've got about 100 pages bookmarked at TwoPeas.

waiting for:: the time to be 3 pm...we have our weekly playgroup and I love all of the moms and kids...they are such wonderful friends!

planning:: next week's menu and grocery list

taking a break from:: folding laundry

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  1. Can't wait to hear how the work at home goes - V stays home a lot to work (And not work!) and it can be both challenging and helpful. Good luck!

    We are also doing some homeschooling starting on the 17th for kindergarten. It is through a charter school program here, so katerina will go to a class 2 days a week and i have her the other days. I am hoping it is a good compromise! We will have to share insights with each other that we learn along the way :)