Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zebras and tigers and bears!

We took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and made a trip to the zoo. It was crowded, and a lot of the zoo is under construction, but we had a great time. The animals were having fun in the warm weather, and the polar bears were playing in the water. We even saw the peacock, who put on quite a show when he saw a little boy dressed in red. He sqwacked and screeched and fanned out his beautiful tailfeathers. Ava really didn't seem to notice, but Emily was entranced.

We also gave Ava her first taste of a snow cone AND cotton candy. Between those and the birthday cake our friend Simone's birthday party later, she crashed hard around 7 pm, on the way home from Uncle Nick's birthday (PS - Happy 29th today, Uncle Nick!!).

Here comes the picture overload:
Ava watching the sea lions:
Mr Peacock and his amazing tailfeathers:
One of the zoo's beautiful blad eagles after the bird show:
Emily having her snack:
Ava having hers:
One of the zebras and a few gazelle:
Riding on Daddy's shoulders on the way out:

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