Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day

Earlier this week, my friend Kiersten had the sweet idea to have the older kids in our playgroup make May Day baskets to deliver on May Day. I remember making these in school - baskets filled with flowers and sweets to leave anonymously on someone's door to let them know that spring is coming.

Ava loves crafts and had so much fun glueing and taping her flowers together! We decided that we would deliver the baskets to friends and family today on the way to our Gymboree class.

Emily along for the ride:

Sadly, Gymboree didn't go well - Ava woke up way too early this morning and started melting down in class when a 10 month old baby wanted to play with the same bean bag as her.

It's rough being 3.

A nice long nap and a few stories in Mama's lap seemed to cure her (for now). My friend Karli posted this hilarious story on her blog and I had to relate - we've all had those days when taking the first train out of town seems like the best answer. Perhaps it is that oxytocin (which makes us forget the pain of childbirth) that also makes us forget these "precious" moments? I'd like to think that I will look back on the early years and only remember the cute times and not the tantrums. Here's hoping that I remember how excited Ava was to deliver her May Day baskets, and not the crazed (and kind of funny, now that I can take a step back) tantrum.

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  1. I'm so sorry for the tantrum. I'm so glad we can exchange these stories. It really does help to know that we aren't alone!