Friday, March 22, 2013


Happy Friday!!

This week, I'm going to link up my phone pictures with liferearranged's Instafriday.  I only recently joined Instagram and am hooked on spying on friends, fellow bloggers, and of course, famous people.  Plus, even though my husband laughs at me, I love the filters and stuff.  I'm a weirdo.  If you want to follow along, I'm azbarsotti on Instagram.

Here's a peek at my week in pictures:

We watched the Goonies as a family for the first time...the big girl was scared "in a good way."  Her little sister lost interest after she realized that there were no fairies or princesses in the story.  But this girl is really getting into adventure stories.

Taco night means LOTS of hot sauces at our house.  Yes, I put sriracha on everything.  Yum.

A rare view of the sun (surrounded by blue sky!) in Seattle. 


One of the perks of having a husband who works in the display calibration industry is that we always have fun new gadgets to play with.  New 3D glasses and Wreck it Ralph = happy little girl.

Remember that washcloth pattern I loved last week?  Well, I casted one on and it's a really fun, easy pattern.  Loving it in this red color!  I'll post a picture next week when it's all finished :)

I got to visit my nephews this week and being that I am super hero fan, had to snap a picture of my oldest nephew's awesome shoes.  I want some in my size!!

I am not only a shop owner and blogger, but also a Girl Scout leader.  We just finished our cookie season and had a few boxes of Trefoils left.  These shortbread cookies are great in banana pudding, so that's exactly what my tiny baking assistant and I made.  She loves to bake, and made nearly the whole recipe by herself!

If you want to link up your own pictures with liferearraged, here's a link:
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