Wednesday, July 7, 2010

zoo trip

Joel and I took the girls to the Woodland Park Zoo over the weekend and had so much fun! The grounds are more park like than the Oregon Zoo and the animal exhibits feel a bit more natural. We didn't get to see the whole zoo, since it's sooooo big, but we did see our favorite animals (elephants and penguins) and a few that we hadn't seen before (flamingos and kangaroos).

Milking a "cow":

Feeding some Australian parrots:

We bought lunch at a cafe, but Emily only wanted to eat the lettuce her meal was presented on. Silly baby!

Taking a picture with the baby elephant statue:

An owl at the raptor center:

Posing with the kimodo dragon statue:

The girls loved pretending to be meerkats!

This ball belonged to a young elephant who was born at the zoo and lived only 7 years:

Being silly during snack time:

Mama and Daddy contemplated leaving the monkeys in their natural habitat...

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