Monday, July 12, 2010

play ball!

I remember many happy afternoons spent at the Oakland Coliseum watching the A's trample their opponents (hey, it was the 80's...the A's trampled everyone!). Before Joel and I met, I went to quite a few Mariner games too.

So, it was a huge treat to receive tickets for Joel and my birthdays! We all went and watched the Mariners get (completely) trampled by the Yankees. Oh well. As Ava said, it was fun to root for the home team because it will make them want to win next time :) The best part was when the kids got to run the bases after the game (which, sadly, I don't have a video of because these days I'm operating on a huge sleep deficit. Or maybe I had a blond moment. Who knows...).

Ava's face when we told her she could run the bases:

Ichiro at bat:

Waiting in line:

The Safeco sign:

We had seats so close to the field, and right in fly ball territory:

Emily and Ava love hot dogs!

Living legend, Derek Jeter:

Alex Rodriguez got his start with the Mariners...even though he's turned into a @$&^ I still have a soft spot for him:

can you see why? :o)

The girls LOVED their first baseball game!

Thanks, Maggie and Saam for a fabulous birthday gift!!

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