Thursday, February 18, 2010

you know you're two when... fall asleep in your lunch.'ve been running around completely naked since 7 am. and you like it. describe everything as "yummy! juicy! crunchy!"

...your mama asks you to count how many raisins are in your oatmeal, you screech "two! three! fi-eeeeeeeeeve!"

...your sister hits you, you cry "no love ay-ah!" then you go give her a big, wet kiss because she's sad that she's in time out. have awesome tantrums about how NOT tired you are...then your proceed to pass right out on the bathroom floor.

...there are only girls and mamas and daddies. no boys. those icky things don't exist (yet). want to read Curious George Has a Birthday Party at least 18 times a day. like dirt. a lot. heck, you don't even mind the taste. and it's fun to rub it all over your body. know right when to turn on the charm. like when you toss your mama's book into the toilet. that kind of thing just can't be taught. constantly have a swollen lip because you just can't stop running into stuff face first. grab your mama's face in your chubby little hands and pull it towards you...and then you lick your mama's nose like you are a puppy. and you kind of smell like one too.

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