Wednesday, September 16, 2009

reason 221 why I love homeschooling

We're really starting to get into a homeschooling groove around here. There is SO MUCH information out there that I've honestly been having a hard time picking something and running with it. We finally settled on a curriculum of sorts - a sound of the week, a day of science, a day of social studies, and a creative day. Add handwriting and math to the mix, and we've got a lot to keep us busy! I'm also trying to incorporate toddler friendly activities for when Emily joins us.

Yesterday was our creative day and we made an All About Me lapbook. If you're not familiar with lapbooking, it's a great way to focus on a subject! You take a file folder, and add in worksheets, games, and other activities as you go. When you're done, you've got a great learning tool for quiet time, or any time. This particular lapbook was so fun to make! I got to interview Ava, we learned about the town we live in, she got to do some searching on the internet, we talked about our family, and also about the things that make Ava unique. If you've never interviewed your child, I highly recommend it!

I was able to find some great templates online for our lapbook and we can't wait to do another one soon! Picture overload:

As you can see, the inside is full of mini books and flaps:

We did some online research about the town of Tigard and printed off a Google map for the book on the bottom:

This flap book was about our home. Ava got to write in her answers on the back of the flaps:

The right side has a triangle book about how Ava likes to spend her time, an interview, and a graduated book all about her body:

She loved the fingerprint portion:

The interview was so fun! I wrote down what she said word for word and some of the answers are hilarious!

The triangle fold:

The center flap has a birthday cake that Ava decorated, a flap for her signature, tickets that list her favorite places to go, and a portrait of her family (that she drew):

Under it is a book of her favorite books, a pocket with cards that list her favorite things, and her family and friends' phone numbers. There's also a sample of her weekly schedule:

The schedule:

Ava's favorite things:

Her phone book. We put family and a few of her best friends in it:


  1. LOVE it!!!!
    want to do one now :-)

  2. I've been meaning for weeks to come tell you how fabulous I think this turned out!! Very cool mama and good job Ava!!

  3. I love it! It is a treasure! Did you make it all up yourself or did you have a template to print out? We are going to do a lapbook for school too, but i like this one about themselves!

    Nicole Dalakas