Thursday, September 24, 2009

random thursday reappears!

I love this post on how to avoid the Mom Who Has Let Herself Go Disease.

I'm totally putting this soup in my meal plan for next week!

This would be a fun breakfast to make with the girls next week.

I plan on doing this craft with Ava when we do Weather Week next week.

I loved this tutorial for using recycled household goods in paper crafting projects.

I am totally making one of these dresses for Ava...and the crown too!

We're going to a soup and bread themed recipe exchange next month with our MOMS Club and these would be so fun to bring!

So many fun lunch ideas for the girls!

With all of the baby showers that I have coming up, I think I'm going to make these as gifts.

I think we've found the theme for Ava's next birthday party...I want one for my birthday too!

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