Thursday, January 29, 2009

sweet rainbow babies

Today is a hard day...Baby Girl G should have entered the world right about now, screaming and pink and ready for us to love and smell and snuggle. I still have her picture up and I don't think I will put it away any time soon. Nobody told me that being a mother would be so lovely and horrible, all at the same time.

It's funny how sad things in life tend to coincide with funny things. For example, Ava is currently all about rainbows. We saw a perfect rainbow the other day, the kind that is a complete horseshoe shape. Sadly, we were in the car so I couldn't get a picture of it (besides, pictures of rainbows never turn out! Some things are best seen in person). Ava and I have been looking at pictures of rainbows on the internet and we've been talking about how they are made. We've done some rainbow crafts lately too, a color matching craft, and also just drawing LOTS of rainbows everywhere with chalk, crayons, paint, string, you name it. The kid gets obsessed quite frequently (must be a geeky Barsotti trait), but at least this one does not include princesses or Dora.

I got the ingredients for this cake a few days ago and had just planned on making it to continue the rainbow talks, but when I woke up this morning, I remembered what day it is (thanks to my Outlook calendar and my stupid self not deleting "Baby Due!!"). So, we made this cake. I think it would be so cute for a birthday party, a coming out party, or just a blah and rainy day (like today!).

Ava had fun mixing the cake batter and we colored it together. We talked a lot about color ratios, and she also got to seperate her first egg all by herself. Fun times.

I hope that if you are ever in need of cheer or have the munchies (not that I would know anything about that...I'm a MOTHER!), that you make this cake and are happy...rainbows are awesome. And cake from a cake mix really can't be topped.

Rainbow Cake:

1 box of white cake mix, plus whatever it calls for (or you can just mix in 12 ounces of Sprite)white frosting OR fat free whipped topping mixed with one package of instant vanilla pudding.
gel food coloring (don't use the liquid stuff - it alters the flavor too much)

Mix cake batter according to packaged directions. Divide batter into six bowls - I used about 1 1/2 cups for red (the bottom layer) and then kept diminishing by 1/4 cup all the way down to purple. Add your food coloring to make 6 colors. Prepare your pans and then divide each color equally between the pans, starting with red (of which you should have the greatest amount of batter), and ending with purple (of which you should have the smallest amount of batter). Bake as directed.

Let cool, then frost with white frosting (Ava wanted it to be grey frosting, because our clouds are grey. You could also dye some of the frosting a light blue and then save a small bit of white for clouds on the top of the cake). We sprinkled ours with sprinkles, because we're sprinkle girls.

Really, the best thing about cake mixes is that kids can basically do it themselves:

This is what your completed cakes should look like before you bake them:

No cake at the Barsotti house is complete without sprinkles:
Groovy, baby:

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