Thursday, November 13, 2008

And E.P.S Fairytale...

Once upon a time, there was a momma, and this momma had WAY too many dishes to do! She ran that dishwasher twice a day, rain or shine. She had dishpan hands and bad cuticles. But one day the green fairy came to visit and she waved her magic blue spoonula.

*POOF* all of the dishes hopped into the dishwasher by themselves. The dishwasher turned on all by itself too! Amazing! The little green fairy pointed her spoonula at the momma and *POOF* her cuticles were nice and silky like they were when her tummy didn't have a massive expanse of stretch marks. Alas, the green fairy was distracted by a train, or the momma would have a new tummy.

The daddy came home and found the momma with her feet up on the coffee table, wine glass in hand, and said "Honey, since you have some free time, do you think you could iron my pants?"

The momma leads a rough life. Maybe the blue fairy will stop by later and make the piles of pants disappear!

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