Thursday, October 16, 2008

You've been BOO'd!

Yesterday was one of those trying days...Emily is sick and her incisors are still not through (!!!!!). Ava woke up too early and refused to nap, so she was pretty much out of commission around 3. I watched my friend's son so she could attend to a family emergency and while his father assured me that he was completely potty trained, he pooped. In the pull-up that he was wearing. And his father didn't bring any extra, or any extra clothes. Thankfully, my sweet friend Barbara brought me one of her daughter's pull-ups (we've been diaper free in this house for over a year, thank you very much). And, when I opened the door to thank her, there was a mystery package on my door step, a nicely decorated bag filled with stickers for play dough for my kids and candy corn and caramel filled kisses for me (YUM!). There was also the following note:

The air is cool, the season is fall.
Soon Halloween will come to all.
The ghosts ar after things to do.
In fact, a ghost brough this to you!

"BOO" shields you from the witching hour.
Just hang it up and watch its power.
On your front door is where it works.
It wards off spirits and evil jerks.

A treat came with this crypted note.
They're yours to keep, enjoy them both.
The power comes when friends like you
Will copy this and make it two.

Then others here among our friends
Will give warm fuzzies that will not end.
We'll all have smiles upon our face.
No one will know who "BOO"ed whose place.

Just two short days to work your spell
Or a big ZAP will strike your tail,
And don't forget a nifty treat
Like something cute or something sweet.

Please join the fun, let's really hear it
And spread some "BOO"s and Halloween spirit.



Since I'm the president of our chapter, you'd think I would have been able to figure out who BOO'd me, or how the BOOing got started! Oh well, it was such a welcome treat for the kids and I during a long day.

Today after school, Ava and I made some candy corn cookies and filled some cute Halloween containers with them (and the copies of the BOO note) and delivered them a few members of our MOMS Club. What a fun little tradition! I think that this is a cute idea to do in your neighborhood or with a playgroup or other organization, and really could be adapted for and holiday.

Our candy corn cookies:

Our BOO bags:

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